Some Useful Advice When Selecting A Body Con Dress

The Bandage Dress, as it was called, realistically wraps around your body much like bandage, accentuating the contours along with pushing up the essentials! Clearly it’s obvious that you will need an ideal frame to consider this appearance, but hell with many choices in spanx we’ve got today, almost any one can choose to wear the bandage – provided you can manage the choking effect of spanx!

Throughout the years, Herve Leger has constantly innovated to keep the bandage dress intact and still give a new angle with it! Although Celebrities like J Lo swear by it, many hollywood hotties also seem to be hooked on them, such as Aish who choose to wear it on her Lóreal ad, or Katrina who dressed in one for a recent red carpet.

Another trade name which has a really great line-up of Bandage Dresses is FCUK – they are simply super hot and indeed easier on the wallet when compared to a Herve Leger original!

FCUK featured its brilliant, rather simple and spunky all at the same time! Pair it up with dark-colored skinnys, a sling bag and plain black pumps, and you are geared up to party in style!

While the bling quotient hasn’t ever really been thoroughly out of style, the thing we do love is the usage of shimmer with classic favs combined with new bright colours. You might want to pickup a gleaming skirt in dark aubergine, or a sparkly tank in midnight blue or a stunning sequined mini in mild grey – you just can’t make a mistake! Evoluzione has a wide variety of sequined collection from the designer brand Cue – garments, shrugs, vests, tops, skirts, the whole works, with a single theme – grey undertones with muted silver and grey sequins.


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