‘NO WIN, NO FEE’. What To Look For When Choosing A Claims Lawyer.

No Win, No Fee has become increasingly more popular across the UK as access to Legal Aid has diminished. In simple terms, it is a funding arrangement between solicitor and client which will allow the solicitor to be paid for his/her services depending on the outcome of the case. This facility enables people who may otherwise not be in a financial position to afford it, still make personal claims. Typically, it is used to  fight unfair dismissal, seek compensation or claim for negligence. For these reasons  this type of agreement is to be welcomed. If you wish to make a claim, the solicitor will carefully consider the risks involved. Should you lose the case, your solicitor will not be able to charge you their fees, but the the defending party will be able to claim back all the costs incurred whilst defending themselves. On that basis, a solicitor is only likely to accept a case that he/she feels that they have a good chance of winning. If the outcome of the case results in you being


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