Ralli Solicitors Call Out The Cowboys

Ralli who are one of the leading firms involved in the Cavity wall insulation scandal, have written an article about the cowboys that are appearing in the marketplace with a stark warning. Basically, the very companies that promoted and installed the faulty Cavity wall insulation are now knocking on doors and offering to take it out for a price. Our advice to you is before you sign up with any of these companies, that you take independent legal advice from a claims company or law firm that is already dealing with these cases and maybe consider having a full survey carried out by a qualified professional who can establish whether your cavity wall insulation is the cause of your problems and assess the level of damage and advise you on the best way to solve the issues. It is worth mentioning that if you do intend to pursue a claim with the installation company or CIGA to cover the cost of removal and the remedial work to repair the damage to your home then you should not have the insula


Avoiding Rogue CWI Extraction Companies

For many of us, our cavity wall insulation problems started with a simple knock on the door. A sales person or canvasser explaining that as part of a government sponsored scheme , we may be entitled to subsidized or even free insulation. Sound familiar? Well guess what? After years of damp, mould and inflated energy bills .that same canvasser could be strolling along your street right now ..but this time, he wants to remove your insulation! The number of requests for cavity wall insulation removal following Building Surveys for mortgage purposes or complaint investigation, are at an all time high. Unfortunately, the removal of botched cavity insulation and the cavity extraction companies that carry out the work is currently completely unregulated. Rogue companies are now reported to be springing up all across the country claiming to be expert extraction companies. Many of these companies are reported to be employing the same people who were claiming to be expert installers and who w