Pioneering MP Spearheads the Drive To Expose the CWI Scandal

Hywel Williams Plaid Cymru MP for Arfon, Hywel Williams has raised an Early Day Motion to draw attention to the CWI Scandal. Hywel Williams, renowned for his interest in social policy, proposed this EDM on the 1st November. An EDM is a formal submission for a debate in the House of Commons. Whilst many EDM s do not actually reach the debating stage, they often highlight a particular cause or issue. Mr Williams first raised the issue of botched CWI back in August 2015. In a press release from that month he was quoted as saying “Thousands of people installed cavity wall insulation, misled that this was a government scheme. Now the insulation is failing, letting in driving rain and leaving them with damp, mouldy homes, high heating bills, and an industry guarantee scheme under great pressure as large insulation companies go to the wall. Will the Prime Minister take a personal interest in this matter and make sure that older and disabled people in particular are not left to carry the bu